My first entry…

This is my first time doing a blog entry, so I’m apologizing from the get go. I’ll hopefully get better as I do more. Keep your fingers crossed for me! We live full time in our RV and travel the country. We finished our summer job as camp hosts in Leavenworth, Washington a couple of months ago. It was beautiful there! We loved all the mountains, trees and rivers. We did a lot of hiking, running and biking. We also did some wine drinking. Let me tell you, they have beautiful wineries. We also spent many days in a pub that had outside seating with grape vines growing in every corner. They served beer that was brewed in a local brewery. That’s what Brian drank. Myself, I like my wine.


Brian enjoying local brew.


Enjoying a glass!

Anyway, we are now spending our winter months with Brian’s parents in west Texas. Let me just say I love my in-laws! They are the sweetest people and my MIL is the silliest person!! While were here, we are helping them with some small projects around their property. I guess I shouldn’t say “small”, they are actually quite large projects. The one were working on now is building a carport that is 24 feet by 60 feet. Its all metal too. No wood in this monster. Brian does all the welding. I am not a welder so I do all of the leg work and help move the metal into place. Which I learned today is called purlin, if anyone is interested. Hopefully we should be done with this project in 2 weeks. We’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks so far.

This is what the carport looks like so far.

Our next big plan is to take a trip through east Texas for about a week. We’re then headed to Fredericksburg, Texas and staying for a month. We love Fredericksburg!! It is a old German community that has many beautiful wineries and a local brewery (of course our favorite past time). It also has many wonderful restaurants, so we have to make sure we keep up with our running! There are also many photo opportunities in that area.

We will be talking about many different things here in the future; such as running, hiking, biking, staying fit and living and traveling full time in an RV.

Till next time!




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