Keeping it Simple… and Helping Out

I’m talking about life of course. It’s been about 19 months since we started living in our travel trailer and we’re just getting started. So far, it’s been a little different from what we might have guessed it would be, but it’s also been better than we imagined. I still don’t miss anything material that we sold or gave away in our attempt to simplify and spend more quality time together.

Of course, the traveling is our favorite part. But we can’t be on the move all the time. Besides, anticipation is part of what makes it exciting. To us, one of the advantages of living the way we do is being able to spend all the time we want to in one place. Or, as little time as we choose. Parking our home here in west Texas at my parents for these few months has been something that would have never been possible in our previous “normal” lives. When Sharon and I talked of changing our lives before selling our home, one thing we both thought of was that we would be able to spend more time with family now. We chose to come here to be with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas without time constraints. And let me say, it’s been the most enjoyable holiday season that I can remember, even though it’s west Texas in winter. Yes, it can get very cold here, and very windy!

Another thing that we weren’t able to do before, at least not to the extent we can now, was help out family and friends. We arrived here in October and have done many projects for my parents to help make their lives easier. I’ve always wanted to help take care of them like they did for me. We have been able to put in hours that would not have been possible when we were working our regular full-time jobs. We’ve had time to help some friends put new siding on their house since we’ve been here. And, we can hook up and move on whenever we get ready.

Because we got rid of our debt and we keep our expenses low, we are able to make our living working temporary jobs and pursuing our dreams. We make some of our income, hopefully all of our income soon, from Sharon’s photography and my writing. I published my first novel, Indian Paintbrush, to Amazon last March. I’m working on another now. It would have been very difficult for us dedicate the time to these things in our old lives.

We are currently working on a website dedicated to this wonderful way of life. I’m not sure exactly when we’ll get it up and running, but I’d guess within the next 2 or 3 months. Yes, there are many websites up already, many of them great. Some of them helped convince us that this is truly what we wanted and I feel in debt to the folks who publish them, especially Howard at RV Dreams. He and Linda offer a wealth of information. Another great source and one of my favorite blogs, is Becky at Interstellar Orchard. She is a young full-timer living in a Casita travel trailer. My belief is that every full-time RVer lives this life in their own way and I think we’ll be able to show a slant to this life style that is unique. Maybe we’ll give someone the incentive and confidence to go after the life they really want, be that in an RV or otherwise.


Playing around at Caprock Canyon State Park, Texas

Playing around at Caprock Canyon State Park, Texas


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