Snowed In!

Well, not really. But we did get about 8″ of snow here in west Texas. About midnight the other night, I heard what sounded like hail hitting the roof of the trailer. As is it turns out it was only an ice storm, complete with thunder and lighting… in February. Anyway, it later turned to snow for a scene in the morning that is unusual for these parts.

The view from our window

The view from our window

I decided to take advantage of not being able to get to any outdoor projects and work on our website. I plan to have it up in the next month or two. I realize there are plenty of fulltime RVer sites out there, but I’m hoping to put a unique slant on the subject. Everyone does it in their own way.

I sat in front of the computer in my “office”, a hot cup of coffee steaming next to me, watching state vehicles plow the highway and the occasional vehicle slowly treading on the ice. We didn’t really plan to be staying where there was winter weather when we talked about going fulltime and traveling. I don’t really care for it most of the time. We’re all about nice weather and all things outdoors.

But as I sat watching folks trying to get to “regular” jobs in their “regular” lives, I’m glad we made the choice to live life now. Ten years ago I could never have dreamed we’d be making a living doing the things we love; Being able to write my novels, Sharon being able to take beautiful and interesting photographs from our travels, traveling where we want to when we want to, and helping friends and family with no real time limits. We are truly blessed.

Living in 300 square feet of space year round probably sounds like a nightmare to some. But there are others who live in far less space even than us, and they do it by choice. We will live like this until it’s not fun anymore or until something forces us to stop.

Not all couples like to spend almost all of their time together either, but its a big reason we chose to do this. We may not travel that many miles this year, but we don’t have a real schedule. We’ll try to sit longer in places we enjoy and I’ll continue to work on my next novel. Sharon will grow her photography portfolio. These are the things that pay our way and the way we’ve dreamed of making our living for a long time.

So, a day that started out a bit somber has become a day of grateful reflection. I’m so glad we decided to jump off the plank and work toward our dreams… now.



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