Another Home Improvement

Sitting in one spot for a few months has really gotten the wanderlust juices flowing. But it has given us an opportunity to do maintenance and address a few things about our travel trailer that we weren’t completely happy with. The first was taking out our old bench style dinette area and building a custom bar with storage in its place. I documented this modification in an earlier post.

The other thing we weren’t happy with was our shower. It was one of those corner neo angle designs with glass walls and door with aluminum framing. While esthetically it didn’t look bad, we’d had a problem with some leaking around the door and between the shower base and the walls since the trailer was new. It was fine for seasonal camping trips, but not for everyday use. I tried re-caulking a couple of times, but there was too much movement between the pieces with expansion and contraction while the trailer is moving and it quickly developed cracks.

Here are the pieces of the old shower enclosure.

Here are the pieces of the old shower enclosure.

We knew we wanted to do something unique that was more our style, but we wanted it to be functional as well. We really like the look of copper. In fact, we had copper sinks in our “sticks and bricks” home and we’ve also changed out our kitchen and bath sinks in our home on wheels to copper.

I’ve gotten more and more where I just don’t like to buy things from a store that I may be able to build myself. We like unique and we like simple.

This is what we came up with.

This is what we came up with.

We bought a 10′ stick of 1/2″ copper pipe and brass fittings from the hardware store. We cut the pipe to the lengths we needed and assembled it all with stainless steel screws. I was going to solder the fittings, but the heat from the torch discolors the copper and brass. It’s attached to the ceiling and walls with 1/2″ threaded floor flange mounts that we painted oil rubbed bronze to match our fixtures.

The painted 1/2" flange mount with brass fitting and copper pipe.

The painted 1/2″ flange mount with brass fitting and copper pipe.

We picked up an ordinary white shower liner, some curtain hangers we liked, and a standard sized decorative shower curtain.



So far, no more water on the floor outside the shower. And, we like the looks of it so much better.

On another note, we’ve only got one more week of being stationary. Next Monday we pull out of west Texas and point our grill east. We’re both excited about being on the road again after sitting still all winter.

Till next time!




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