Headed to East Texas…


We’re finally traveling again! And it feels great to be exploring and discovering again. After all, this is the way Sharon gets her wonderful photos and I get motivation and story ideas for my writing.

We only moved about 220 miles yesterday to Mineral Wells State Park near Mineral Wells, TX. We haven’t had a chance to get out and see the whole park yet, but we’ll take care of that today. This will just be a 2 night stay on our way east.

Our site, #66, at Mineral Wells State Park, TX

Our site, #66, at Mineral Wells State Park, TX

After sitting in one spot for a few months it’s really nice to see new scenery again. After all, that’s one of the reasons we live in a house with wheels. We were able to reach our goal of completing a large project at my parents a day before we left. We had some winter weather delays that put us behind, but we still got it done in the time we wanted.

It seems the Internet here is too weak to upload more pics right now. So, we’ll try later when we post again.




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