Lake Mineral Wells State Park


Like many Texas state parks, Lake Mineral Wells is older with a few historic structures. Just walking through and making my own observations, I first thought this must be a CCC constructed park. But after doing some research, it turns out it was constructed just a bit before that.

Wildlife in the park was abundant. We saw many varieties of small birds and waterfowl. Though, we’re not very good at identifying them so I won’t even try. We also spotted a few armadillos and many deer just wandering without a care it seemed. We don’t fish so I don’t know if the fishing is good here, but there were a few folks trying their luck and we saw and heard fish jumping several times while walking the shoreline.



We are on a bit of a schedule, which is unusual for us, so we were only able to stay a couple of nights. Even though, we’d like to have stayed longer. We’ll definitely add this to our revisit list. Our campsite was one of the lakeside ones and there were only a handful of other campers there. We enjoy quiet and that’s what we got. Though, that may have been partly due to not being here on the weekend. I got the feeling it gets pretty busy and maybe not so quiet on weekends, due to the few beer cans and other trash we saw here and there. I’m not trying to imply that the park is dirty. It’s not. But, it wasn’t as clean as many other parks we’ve stayed in and some of the trash left behind appeared to very old. We’ll probably make sure we’re here during the middle of the week if we do come back.

We couldn't figure out what this used to be!

We couldn’t figure out what this used to be!

Coming into the town of Mineral Wells, TX, we noticed a very large historic building that looked to be a hotel maybe. It was enormous for such a small town and as we got closer, it was obviously abandoned. After poking around a bit, we learned it is the historic Baker Hotel.

We love history and historic structures and always try to make it a point to visit these places on our travels. This is just another reason we love and fit into this travel lifestyle so well.

The Historic Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas

The Historic Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas

Next stop, Caddo Lake State Park, East Texas. Till then!






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