More projects in West Texas

Sharon and I are off to a good start residing my parents home here in Gail. So far, we’ve completed one side. We removed all the old steel siding, covered the sheathing with Tyvek Home Wrap and put up new Hardie lap siding. We aren’t professional contractors by any means, but we do our homework and the house is looking pretty damn good. After we get the other three sides done, we’ll paint the whole house and wrap the five front columns in some kind of stone veneer. It’s hard work but we enjoy helping my parents save money. It’s also very good exercise! We plan to be finished by the end of June. Then, we’ll be back to some traveling and we can’t wait.

Side of the house we just finished

Side of the house we just finished

Our home parked at the folk's house

Our home parked at the folk’s house

In other business, since I’ve made my novel available in paperback form, I feel there is a bit of momentum gaining with it. It’s just the incentive I was looking for to work harder at getting the second, which I’ve already started, finished and published. Our ultimate goal is to fund our lifestyle completely from my writing and Sharon’s artistic photography. We realize that could be a long road. But, writing and photography just seem to go hand in hand with our nomadic lifestyle. And, as I’ve said before, we never would have been able to realize either of these things in our old conventional life. We’ll continue to workamp at varying jobs where we can work together and enjoy our work to make up the difference until we accomplish our dream.

Everyday is definitely not a vacation but everyday is a day of fully enjoying life our own way. Some people don’t get it; some people do. Along our journey of living and working toward our dreams, we’re doing and seeing things we would have never been able to before. We are in charge of what we do everyday. Around every turn and twist of our travels is new inspiration for our respective crafts. We will probably never be rich. We will probably never be a famous novelist or a famous photographer. But we have our fans and they are growing slowly… very slowly. But growing none the less. It’s a good thing rich and famous aren’t part of our plan. Our plan is simply to finance a very simple life doing what we love. We are not working a job looking at retirement someday. In fact, we hope to never retire.

Check back often if our lifestyle is of interest to you.





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