Sharon’s Daily Photo… West Texas


Sharon's Daily Photo... West Texas


Making Writing a Priority

It seems like this would be obvious to a writer and it may be to some. I however have to consciously think about doing this on a daily basis. Even though I love writing and have structured my life to be able to do it full-time, I still find it is the last thing I do many days. I decided recently to make writing my first priority everyday, and I’m much more satisfied with my progress on my novel as a result. I’ve never really struggled to think of what I want to write like some do. In fact, I think about what I will write most of my days uncontrollably, like a movie playing in my head. I just struggle to remember it until I have time to write later in the day. Since I started writing first though, my thoughts are fresh and clear and I almost can’t write fast enough to keep up with the story playing in my head (I write my first drafts on legal pads then transfer to my computer on the second draft). I should be able to publish new material much faster this way, as long as I keep my priorities in order. It took me several years to finish my first novel and I’d sure like to be able to put out one a year, as long as my imagination doesn’t fail me.