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I’m writing this blog from our campsite here in the Lincoln National Forest Apache Campground near Cloudcroft, New Mexico. After a few months of sitting stationary, we’ll spend the next few months traveling around the cool mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. I should have ample time to get some work done on my second novel, and I’m sure Sharon will get some great new material for her photo portfolio.

This was our first full day and as always, we’re loving our time here. We’ve been coming here almost every year of our 15 years of marriage and I have been coming here for vacation my whole life.

It’s not for everyone with the campsites having no hookups, but we love it. With our solar panels and inverter we’re able to do pretty much everything we would normally do anyway, and there is a water spigot at the entrance to each campground loop and a dump station available for a $5 fee. The area is at around 9000′ elevation and very wooded, so getting sun to the panels can sometimes be challenging but we get by. The campsites are varying sizes and with our 34′ trailer we are limited to maybe half of them but we always manage to find a nice site.


Our campsite at the Apache Campground

Our campsite at the Apache Campground

The Village of Cloudcroft is small mountain community with less than 1000 population surviving mostly on tourism it seems. But it still retains a very hometown atmosphere and most of the residents we’ve met have been very friendly.

I’m not sure how long we’ll stay in our site here in the campground. This campground, like many forest service campgrounds, is operated by a concessionaire and the price seems to rise almost annually. It’s up to $20 a night this year and we may stay out in the free dispersed areas more and more if this trend continues. We paid for a week this time and after the week is up, we may move on out to one of the dispersed camping areas nearby. I like the campgrounds here but we like the solitude of dispersed camping too, and when you live fulltime this way like we do, $20 a night can get expensive.

There are several nice hikes of varying length and difficulty in the Lincoln. We’ve hiked several of the trails over the years but not all by any means. We hiked an easy 4 miles or so around a marked trail loop this morning. It started and ended here in the camping area land there are a few others that do the same, as well as nature loops around each of the 3 campground loops. We made it back home just in time to avoid getting drenched in a deluge of rain that lasted probably an hour. It was nice and cool and we enjoyed the shower but I’m glad we made it back without getting wet. We’ve gotten a shower on several hikes here in the past. The high temps at this time of year are around the mid 70s with morning lows in the upper 40s to lower 50s. The rain cooled things down a bit more and this afternoon were sitting in the upper 50s right now.

Anyway, I’ll probably write several more posts while we’re here. In the meantime, enjoy some photos from our hike and the campground.


My Novel in Kindle and paperback

Sharon’s Photos












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