Moving North

We left Cloudcroft today around noon after getting 3 of Sharon’s framed photos setup in a local store for sale. We’re about 4 hours north of Cloudcroft now outside of Mountainair at Manzano Mountains State Park. It’s a nice spot to hide out for the weekend before we move on to Santa Fe. At least it seems nice so far. At 7000 feet it’s not quite as cool as Cloudcroft but still not bad. It was a pretty uneventful drive here other than going over a speed hump too fast I didn’t see in time. A couple of framed photos hanging in the trailer and a small painting hit the floor. Fortunately, I think I can salvage them though.

The downside is I’m typing this entry on my phone because I’m unable to get WordPress to operate properly on my laptop, due to the slow internet in the area. So that means no daily pics at least until we leave here. No pics at all I guess unless I take them on my phone.

Anyway, I should have a few days with plenty of time to work on my novel and I’ll try the laptop again maybe at an odd time to see if less users helps.

Till next time… Brian


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