Taking Care of Business.

We made the 30 minute or so trip down to Durango this morning after some good coffee and a nice breakfast. Actually, that’s pretty much the way we start all our mornings. Not that we sleep late, even though we could much of the time. We actually enjoy getting up pretty early and having a slow morning. That’s when I do much of my writing, though not today.

Today was about going to the grocery store, the pet supply, and refilling our drinking water jugs. People often think that fulltime RVers live everyday like a vacation. I don’t believe most of us live like that. I know we don’t. While it’s true we have more leisure time than we did in our former life, we still have daily and weekly mundane tasks to complete. We still clean the “house” inside and out periodically. We still have to run errands. Plus, we have to use public laundry facilities now, which we never had to do when we owned a stationary house.

We plan on going into Durango once more before we move on to play around, but today was all business. Though it is a nice drive from up in the mountains to town and back.

Back home we put away the groceries, then took a nice bike ride out of the campground through some nearby residential areas. It was a nice slow ride just talking with each other and taking in the sites for a bit over an hour. Good exercise and very enjoyable. Afterwards, we cooked and enjoyed a nice steak dinner, took a short walk around the campground, and now just relaxing. Maybe we’ll put in a movie. We don’t have electricity here but we’re getting some good sun and our solar power is providing nicely.

It’s just regular days like this that make me very thankful for being able to live this lifestyle that suits us so much. And, I get to spend every day with my wonderful wife, working on achieving our dreams together.

Anyway, the plan is to leave here Monday to a yet unknown destination to meet up with friends who live here in Colorado. Then, we’ll meander our way back through Colorado and New Mexico on our way back to central Texas to stay through the winter.

Here’s a pic of the sun going down behind a mountain at our campsite, and one of a nice stream we crossed on our ride.





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