A Hike in the Santa Fe National Forest

During our stay at Black Canyon Campground last week, we managed to get in a couple of decent hikes between trips down the mountain into Santa Fe.

The first one started just outside the campground at the neighboring Hyde Memorial State Park. Though only about 5 miles total, one section of the trail had many steep switchbacks leading to the top of the mountain.

We started out on the East Circle Trail with a 1/2 mile side trip out and back on the Waterfall Trail, ending at you guessed it, a waterfall. We love those.


From there, we finished out the East Circle seeing campsites in the state park most of the way around. Then, we crossed 475 and started on the the more strenuous West Trail. This is where the switchbacks started with a 1000 ft gain in elevation. It was a great workout.

So, about 5 miles from our campsite and back to cover all 3 trails with a 1000 ft. change in elevation starting at 8400 ft.

Here are some pics from along the way I snapped with my phone. If you look closely you can see Hyde Park Road (475) winding up the mountain below us.





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