A Hike in San Juan National Forest

After coffee and breakfast (notice a pattern?) we headed out about 10 am for a 14 mile hike from the Vallecito Campground, where we are currently parked, into the Weminuche Wilderness here in southwestern Colorado.

The trailhead is right here in the campground, so no driving involved to get there. The Vallecito Creek Trail is actually nearly 20 miles long one way, but we’re not quite that hard core just yet.

We’ve actually been out on this trail a few times during previous visits, but no more than 3 miles or so out. Today we chose to go 7 miles out to see a bit more. Not because 7 is a lucky number, but because that’s where a bridge once crossed Vallecito Creek. Notice I said once. An avalanche took out that bridge I believe in the winter of 07/08. Now you get wet if you want to go farther and we decided for one, we didn’t want to get wet. And, we thought 7 miles out and 7 miles back was far enough.

I believe the elevation change is around 1000ft starting at about 7900 in the campground.

We packed a lunch, water, and some snacks and followed the beautiful rocky path along Vallecito Creek, crossing it by bridge twice.

The trail is well used and easy to stay on but does have a few steep switchbacks and is pretty rough terrain in some areas. Enjoy the pics!













We were pretty tired when we got back home at almost 5 pm and decided to reward ourselves with dinner out. We chose the Pura Vida Cafe on Vallecito Lake. It’s a really cool place with excellent food, at least it was tonight, and the prices weren’t bad either. They have an extensive list of margaritas but neither of us were up to sampling tonight. Maybe next time. We’ll definitely go back. It was a nice end to a very good day.

Tomorrow will be a laundry day. I’ll try to get some writing done too. Remember, I’m a writer. Check out the “About Us” page on this blog. There are links to my novel and Sharon’s photography there.

Thanks for reading!



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