A Review: The Evolution of a Stir by Cindy Cullen Farmer

I recently had the pleasure of reading the published works of Cindy Cullen Farmer this afternoon and was inspired to share my experience with my followers.

It’s a quick read but so full of inspiration for anyone looking for a change in life, but afraid of abandoning their security. Or maybe their security is only a perception. This is her own personal story and it’s still being lived. I think it’s only the beginning, personally.

It’s my belief that many people will relate to the author’s story. I was inspired to stay on track with my own dreams after reading her story, and it’s my hope that she’ll do the same. I’m no expert critic by any means, but I expect great things from this author in the near future and I think most who take the time to read her work will agree.

She has a way of writing that is very poetic, yet at the same time very comfortable and informal. It was as if I was listening to a friend speak instead of reading. At least that’s the way I felt.

I strongly encourage everyone to check out her writing by clicking the following link. http://mayyoursoulstir.com/about/



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