More Running…

We’ve mostly been just relaxing and enjoying our last “camping” for the summer the last week. It’s sounds funny to say that because most people think we camp all the time, since we live in our trailer full-time. But when we get to our winter RV park in Fredericksburg in a couple weeks, while we do enjoy our time there, it’s not camping. Plus, we’ll be working at the park and probably one of the local wineries part time.

On the marathon training, I did my third 3 mile run here at 9000 feet elevation this morning at a 9:17 minute per mile pace. It’s really hard to breath up here in the mountains when your exerting yourself, but I managed to shave some significant time off the first run I did when we got here. Also, Sharon is running again after taking a break for several months due to some tendinitis in her ankle. She won’t be able to run the half marathon with me in San Antonio in December though. Hopefully by next time she’ll be 100%. She is, however, going to ride in the bike tour before the marathon, so we’ll still sort of be doing it together.

Now we’re in Alamogordo, NM, just down the mountain 16 miles or so from Cloudcroft to get groceries and do laundry. Yep, we still do all that normal life type stuff too. We’ll be back up the hill in the beautiful pines and aspens in a couple hours though. I Wouldn’t trade this simple life for anything right now.



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