I’m Terrible at Multitasking

I hope it’s not a requirement for writers to be good at multitasking, because I suck at it. I have been working on my second thriller novel while we’re camp hosting here in New Mexico. I’m a very slow writer as it is. But, I just can’t get into a good groove for any length of time while I’m trying to pay attention to the happenings here in the campground. My wonderful wife has offered to take care of campground operations whenever I want to write but I can’t do that. We decided to do this together. 

This only strengthens my belief that we should just dive head long into our respective crafts after our current obligations end. We’ve both had recent positive interests in what we do that has led us to wildly believe that we may have a shred of talent after all! So, we’ll be focusing all our efforts on writing and photography, along with more travel, very soon. If you haven’t already done so, please check out our about us page for links to what we do. 

Goodbye till my next revelation!

B. K. Jones


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