I Guess It’s a Good Thing We Live Cheap

I’ve learned over the years several things about myself. One of those things is I’ll probably never be rich. Unless, it happens by chance. You know, one of those dumb luck type things, like maybe I’m walking and trip and fall into a big pile of cash! Nope, probably not gonna happen. 

That’s ok. Being wealthy is not something I ever dreamed about, so I’m lucky in that way. 

I do have a dream, however, of someday making enough from writing novels to support a very modest lifestyle. I do believe, in fact, that will happen. When? That is the question. 

There are a few things that I believe make my progress very slow. I’ve only published one novel so far. Though I do what I can to promote myself, I’m imadmittedly not very good at self promotion. I’m very slow in production. It’s not that I’m lazy. My imagination works very quickly. Turning those thoughts into words for the public is more challenging. That makes the distance between thoughts and a published product farther than it might be for other authors. 

Some forms of self promotion seem very much like bragging to me. If someone else promotes you, that seems to provide some validation. Then it’s not bragging. It’s just the way my twisted mind works. 

What makes it possible for me to live my dream of writing as a fulltime career is to first, keep my living expenses low. Now, can I be patient enough to keep putting out new material slowly and in return grow my fan base slowly? Maybe I’ll find more efficient ways of transforming my imagination. Maybe I’ll find more and more ways to get my words in front of my readers eyes. Maybe I’ll come across someone in our travels who believes in what I do and is willing to help me(for a share of my profits of course). 

Life is full of maybes and what ifs for me. But I’m learning as I go. 

These were just some random thoughts I had while taking a break from writing. I took a break from writing to write something else. I must be a writer! Right?



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