Slow progress is still progress

The exterior of our tiny house/self built travel trailer has been complete for about a month or so now.


Though it’s taken us twice as long as we planned and hoped, we’re extremely pleased with it. Since then, we’ve planned our electrical system and have installed most of it. The natural wool insulation has come in and we’ll start installing it in the next few days. Hopefully we’ll have some interior photos to post soon.

Its been mentioned to us by several people that have seen our project in person, that we should consider building these for others. It’s flattering to think we’re good enough craftsmen for that. I never considered we could actually get paid for this. A couple problems with that plan I think of immediately are 1. We’re way too slow for most people. I don’t think anybody would want to wait up to a year for delivery. Hiring employees is definitely out of the question for obvious reasons (remember, we want a simple life). 2. There would be little to no time left for us to travel with our own home on wheels.

With all that being said, a question came to mind. What if we built smaller hand built travel trailers? Maybe in the 12 to 16 foot range. They would have axleless torsion bar suspension for better off road ground clearance, very strong but semi light weight welded steel framework,  26 gauge steel siding and roof, fully self contained with solar system and inverter, high quality double pane windows, and solid wood cabinets and interior with RV appliances. These would be well capable of going almost anywhere and lasting a lifetime. I also believe pricing could start under $20,000. We could build 4 to 6 a year.

Would there be a market for this?

We welcome all opinions, questions, and feedback.