About B.K. Jones

We travel the country writing and taking photographs, living fulltime in our travel trailer.

Slow progress is still progress

The exterior of our tiny house/self built travel trailer has been complete for about a month or so now.


Though it’s taken us twice as long as we planned and hoped, we’re extremely pleased with it. Since then, we’ve planned our electrical system and have installed most of it. The natural wool insulation has come in and we’ll start installing it in the next few days. Hopefully we’ll have some interior photos to post soon.

Its been mentioned to us by several people that have seen our project in person, that we should consider building these for others. It’s flattering to think we’re good enough craftsmen for that. I never considered we could actually get paid for this. A couple problems with that plan I think of immediately are 1. We’re way too slow for most people. I don’t think anybody would want to wait up to a year for delivery. Hiring employees is definitely out of the question for obvious reasons (remember, we want a simple life). 2. There would be little to no time left for us to travel with our own home on wheels.

With all that being said, a question came to mind. What if we built smaller hand built travel trailers? Maybe in the 12 to 16 foot range. They would have axleless torsion bar suspension for better off road ground clearance, very strong but semi light weight welded steel framework,  26 gauge steel siding and roof, fully self contained with solar system and inverter, high quality double pane windows, and solid wood cabinets and interior with RV appliances. These would be well capable of going almost anywhere and lasting a lifetime. I also believe pricing could start under $20,000. We could build 4 to 6 a year.

Would there be a market for this?

We welcome all opinions, questions, and feedback.




Tiny House or Homebuilt RV?

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve reported in here. Much has happened in our full time RV lifestyle.

When last I wrote about our adventures here, we were on way to northern Minnesota via California for a workamping job when we had to rush back to west Texas. My dad had a medical emergency (he’s fine now).

We wound up working at Mad Jack’s Mountaintop BBQ in Cloudcroft, NM that summer(2017). We loved it there and became good friends with the owner, James Jackson and his girlfriend Robin. We thought maybe we’d found a town where we could put down roots and made an offer on a 700 square foot cabin in the woods. Throughout the buying process, several red flags eventually led us to believe we were doing the wrong thing. Ultimately we decided we belong on the road.

Unfortunately, our 2007 Jayco Eagle travel trailer was beginning to show its age and all the miles and full time living was taking its toll. We set out with great excitement to check new fifth wheels made for full time living. Our excitement quickly turned to disappointment after seeing what a $100,000 buys. Without calling out any manufacturers, the quality was very poor for the money in our opinions. Though they were very pretty to look at.

After discussing our options and deciding we definitely weren’t finished with this lifestyle, we decided building our own was really our only option. We sold our truck and travel trailer and eventually and set out on a new adventure. Luckily my folks like us and allowed us to use there property as a building site.

By now, most everyone has heard of and seen tiny houses on wheels. Though most seem to be built for more parking and less moving. We set out to build a new home that would hold up to many miles as well as full time living for us and our blind cat, Mae. We purchased a new truck capable of handling heavier loads and a 39’ gooseneck trailer by Trailer Made Custom Trailers of Denver for our foundation.

We’ll have more details soon as we document our build and get back to our passions traveling the country again. Here’s what we have so far.

As always, check out our About page and the links there to Sharon’s photo gallery and my novel.

more to come…





Ruidoso, Pie Town, and Mesa

I’m writing this entry from our beautiful boondocking spot near Sedona, AZ. We stayed in our usual site at River View RV Park in Ruidoso, NM for a few nights. This park only has a few sites available to overnight RV guests and only 1 of those we can fit into. But we can walk to the downtown shops and restaurants so that an advantage to us and worth paying for a private park. 

We usually visit Grace O’Malley’s Irish Pub while in Ruidoso but we arrived to find it our of business. So we found a new place for afternoon cocktails. 

 Tall Pines Beer and Wine Garden is our new favorite spot. It opened in the last few months and the owners have done a great job making it a very inviting. We stayed a few hours visiting and sampling. Over the next few weeks, some of Sharon’s photos will be on display and available for sale there.

From Ruidoso, we traveled on to Pie Town, NM for the next couple days. Yes, it’s really called Pie Town. We boondocked in the free city park. 

There’s really not much to say about Pie Town. We did have pie and coffee at a local cafe. We went for a hilly 3 mile run. The place really seemed pretty dead. But it was free, quiet, and we slept well.

The park roads are pretty soft sand but very manageable as long as it’s dry I would imagine. 

We weren’t sure what to make of this but it appears someone once lived here.



We took hwy 60 from Pie Town into Mesa , AZ. We parked for 2 nights at Sun Life RV Resort. It really wasn’t our style but we wanted to visit some dear friends who are workampers there. 

That catches us up so far. Next stop… Sedona. We’ll enjoy this spot for a few more days.

Till next time… Brian

Caprock Canyon State Park, Quitaque, Texas

This is our first stop along our journey eventually ending in Northern Minnesota for the summer. We love the hiking here and it’s only a couple hundred miles from my parents home (our home base). So they came along with their travel trailer to do some camping with us before we departed Texas. 

It’s always hard on them (and us) when we first leave knowing we won’t be seeing each other for several months. Over all though, I think we spend more quality time with them since we’ve been fulltiming the last 5 years. 

Our next stop…. somewhere in New Mexico. 

Enjoy the pics from Caprock Canyon.


A New Travel Adventure

We’ll be hitting the road again 2 weeks from today. It’s not that we don’t move our home fairly often, we just haven’t moved it more than a few hundred miles in a while. 

Heading west out of Texas, we’ll write and photograph our way across New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and up the Oregon coast into Washington. Our last time in Washington was in 2013. From there, we’ll head back east across the top of the country to Nothern Minnesota for the summer. 

Check back here often to follow us along if you’re so interested. 

I know Sharon will have new material along the way. And who knows, just maybe I’ll have my latest novel completed by summer’s end. Maybe. 


Sharon S Jones Fine Art Photography Artist Reception

This Saturday October 22nd, 6 – 8pm, Timeless Art Gallery in Lubbock, Texas will host an artist reception for Sharon. Several of her framed photos and unframed pieces will be on display and available for purchase. Here’s the link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1828715927363688/?ti=icl

The reception is open to the public. Please stop by Timeless Art Gallery to see her beautiful photography if you’re in the area Saturday.


Open For Business


The new Sharon S Jones Photography gallery is all set up and ready for visitors. The new space is at Canton Marketplace, Canton, TX.

The Marketplace and Sharon’s gallery will be open every Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday every month. 

Of course, Sharon’s work will also remain available at her Etsy store as well as directly from her. 

I will have paperback copies of my novel, Indian Paintbrush by B. K. Jones, available in the gallery as well. It’s also available to Kindle owners on Amazon as well as from Barnes and Noble and Creatspace.

Please stop by and visit with us if you’re in the area.


Etsy Store for Sharon S. Jones Fine Art Photography

Sharon has just added new photos to her Etsy store recently and is always adding new images as we travel about. Great photography is a true art form and Sharon has a great eye(I may be just a little biased because she’s my wife). She has something for everyone I think. Our favorites are black and white but she takes great color shots as well.

We search out places that are off the beaten path during our travels and that is where many of the shots are taken. We sell signed prints in a variety of sizes as well as give quotes and ship “ready to hang” signed and framed pieces.

Please take a look around the store here. Her photography store can also be found by searching the Etsy stores for “SharonSJones”.

Cloudcroft, New Mexico Mayfair Art Show

Sharon has new pieces ready and available for sale to go to new homes. 

 We’ll have a booth set up at Mayfair in Cloudcroft at Zenith Park May 28th and 29th. In addition to Sharon’s fine art photos, I’ll have paperback copies of my novel Indian Paintbrush available for sale. 

Please check out coolcloudcroft.com for full details on the event. 

Hope to see you there! 

No, My Novel Does Not Look Professional

I’m very aware that my novel physically appears amateurish. The reason for that is that I’m an amatuer. I’m less than amatuer at book cover design. Like many writers I must force myself into any aspect of publication that is not writing itself. 

I don’t promote myself as a professional. The last thing I want to do is mislead someone. I’m always happy to answer questions about my writing but I never try to convince anyone to purchase a copy. 

This blog and a few outlets that sell paperback copies for me are my only reals forms of promotion. 

I’ll never be good at self promotion. I’m not a people person, though I do enjoy good conversation. I run through all the questions in my head every day, sometimes several times a day, about possible ways to get my novel and future novels into the hands of those that would enjoy them. I’ve done this for years and still have no answers. 

It’s ok. I would someday love to make a modest living writing for my fans. The fact is I’m too humble and too much of a keep to myself kind of person to do anything else to get the word out. 

I live in an RV with a wonderful wife and our cat. I write and she takes amazing photographs(the wife not the cat). We sell our craft when and where we can. Sometimes it’s exciting and sometimes we get discouraged. It’s much like the life many other people live, save the details.

I believe we are good at what we do. I also believe our fans will find us as long as we keep making ourselves available. If it takes the rest of our lives, that’s ok. 

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, or next week, or next year. I can’t think of a better way to keep life from getting mundane. 

B. K. Jones