Tiny House or Homebuilt RV?

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve reported in here. Much has happened in our full time RV lifestyle.

When last I wrote about our adventures here, we were on way to northern Minnesota via California for a workamping job when we had to rush back to west Texas. My dad had a medical emergency (he’s fine now).

We wound up working at Mad Jack’s Mountaintop BBQ in Cloudcroft, NM that summer(2017). We loved it there and became good friends with the owner, James Jackson and his girlfriend Robin. We thought maybe we’d found a town where we could put down roots and made an offer on a 700 square foot cabin in the woods. Throughout the buying process, several red flags eventually led us to believe we were doing the wrong thing. Ultimately we decided we belong on the road.

Unfortunately, our 2007 Jayco Eagle travel trailer was beginning to show its age and all the miles and full time living was taking its toll. We set out with great excitement to check new fifth wheels made for full time living. Our excitement quickly turned to disappointment after seeing what a $100,000 buys. Without calling out any manufacturers, the quality was very poor for the money in our opinions. Though they were very pretty to look at.

After discussing our options and deciding we definitely weren’t finished with this lifestyle, we decided building our own was really our only option. We sold our truck and travel trailer and eventually and set out on a new adventure. Luckily my folks like us and allowed us to use there property as a building site.

By now, most everyone has heard of and seen tiny houses on wheels. Though most seem to be built for more parking and less moving. We set out to build a new home that would hold up to many miles as well as full time living for us and our blind cat, Mae. We purchased a new truck capable of handling heavier loads and a 39’ gooseneck trailer by Trailer Made Custom Trailers of Denver for our foundation.

We’ll have more details soon as we document our build and get back to our passions traveling the country again. Here’s what we have so far.

As always, check out our About page and the links there to Sharon’s photo gallery and my novel.

more to come…






Winds of Change…

So here we are, camp hosts at the Pines Campground in the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. We left Fredericksburg, TX at the beginning of May, had a short visit at the parents place, then moved on to here arriving 2 weeks ago. 

As it turns out, Sharon had sold one of her photographs she has on display at Burro Street Bakery in Cloudcroft since we were last here. We’re very excited. Every photo she sells and every copy of a novel I sell puts us closer to making our meager living solely from the things we love doing. 

We were invited to return to the Fredericksburg KOA next fall and winter for workamping. So, we’ll head back there around the first of October. After that, we’re thinking of forgoing the workamping thing at least for next summer to get in some much needed travel time. Sitting in one spot for several months on end is not really ideal for us. 

The gig we have here in Cloudcroft is not very demanding and we should be able to spend some time on photography, and hopefully I’ll be able to at least complete the first draft of my new novel I started 2 years ago. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started it! Yes. I’m very slow. And with our seasonal jobs, we aren’t able to dedicate full time to our crafts. 

That’s why we’ve decided after our workamping commitments end next May, we plan to spend more time traveling and devote the bulk of our time to working our respective crafts. 

I realize there are many talented writers and photographers in the world more talented than me that will never achieve what we hope to achieve. But we have done what we can to live a simple and low budget existence and our requirements are low. The funny thing is we’ve never been happier as a result of that decision. That was the first phase of our dream. The next phase is to support that dream from writing and photography. Now is the time to focus our efforts there. The best way accomplish any goal is to commit all time and effort to that goal. Someone wiser than me said that. It makes sense. 

So, if you find yourself near Cloudcroft in Southeastern New Mexico this summer, stop by the Pine Campground for a visit. Also, if you’re ever traveling through West Texas on US 180 or FM 669, stop by the Coyote Country Cafe in Gail, TX. They serve great home cooking and are nice folks. I owe them for shamelessly promoting my novel and selling more paperback copies than anyone. And that’s in a town of under 200 people! 

Till next time…


All Set Up At Our Winter Home


Here’s where we’ll be parked for probably the next 6 or 7 months. We got in yesterday to a nearly empty park after about a 5 hour drive. We were all set up and feeling at home within a couple hours. Fredericksburg is one our favorite places, not just in Texas but anywhere.

As I’ve said before, we’ll be working a couple days a week to earn our spot here at the Fredericksburg, TX KOA. Though we’ve stayed here many times before, including a whole winter a couple years ago, this will be the first time we’ve workamped here. We’re also planning on working another part time job, probably over the weekends, at one of the many local wineries. This is the Texas wine country.

There is a lot to do in this area. So, check back often to see the adventures that this full-time RV living lifestyle makes possible for us.


More Running…

We’ve mostly been just relaxing and enjoying our last “camping” for the summer the last week. It’s sounds funny to say that because most people think we camp all the time, since we live in our trailer full-time. But when we get to our winter RV park in Fredericksburg in a couple weeks, while we do enjoy our time there, it’s not camping. Plus, we’ll be working at the park and probably one of the local wineries part time.

On the marathon training, I did my third 3 mile run here at 9000 feet elevation this morning at a 9:17 minute per mile pace. It’s really hard to breath up here in the mountains when your exerting yourself, but I managed to shave some significant time off the first run I did when we got here. Also, Sharon is running again after taking a break for several months due to some tendinitis in her ankle. She won’t be able to run the half marathon with me in San Antonio in December though. Hopefully by next time she’ll be 100%. She is, however, going to ride in the bike tour before the marathon, so we’ll still sort of be doing it together.

Now we’re in Alamogordo, NM, just down the mountain 16 miles or so from Cloudcroft to get groceries and do laundry. Yep, we still do all that normal life type stuff too. We’ll be back up the hill in the beautiful pines and aspens in a couple hours though. I Wouldn’t trade this simple life for anything right now.


3 Miles at 9000 Feet

I went for my run this morning after coffee and a relaxing breakfast. Most of the campground here is already closed for winter season. Just the loop were in is open until mid October. So I decided to just run here in the campground through the closed loops. It’s really nice not having to worry about traffic like we usually do.

I managed a 9:48 pace for 3 miles. Not a great pace for me but I’m happy considering the 9000 foot altitude and hills here. Should be some good training for the San Antonio Rock n Roll half marathon in December. I’ll take a break for a day or two, then do another run. Though, I may not go more than 3 miles at a time till I get to lower ground!

On the writing front, I’d like to thank those who have recently purchased my novel “Indian Paintbrush by B. K. Jones” from Amazon or CreateSpace. That’s the best encouragement to keep working on my new novel. This is what will ultimately allow us to finance our traveling lifestyle and find new sources of inspiration.

Here’s to a relaxing day in the Forest.


Our Last Stay in the Mountains For the Summer


Our new “spot” for the next 10 days or so is in the Silver Campground in the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. This is our 3rd time to visit this area this summer. What can I say? We love it here.

Complete freedom is almost over for this year. We’ll be in Fredericksburg, TX by 24th of the month to work, but plenty of playtime too, at the Fredericksburg KOA. We’ll be helping them out 2 days a week for our site probably through next April.

It’s an adventure when we’re traveling around wherever we want and seeing new places and meeting new people. But it’s nice to get back to our winter home and friends and we’ll enjoy the downtime. When that’s over, we’ll certainly be ready for adventure again! I guess we’ll never grow up. I hope not anyway! Been there, done that, got the T shirt.


Sharon’s Daily Photo… An Old Mine Near Silverton, CO