Sharon’s Daily Photo… An Old Mine Near Silverton, CO




Back to the Cool Mountains

It looks like we’ve concluded our medical visits in Lubbock for the time being. And since we don’t have to be in Fredericksburg, TX until September the 24th, we’re going to once again escape the heat of west Texas for a couple of weeks. So, this weekend sometime we’ll hook up the house and go back to the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. It’s not a bad drive from here, besides going through the middle of oil field country.

Hopefully, I can get the new cover for my novel, Indian Paintbrush, mostly figured out and have the new version available around mid October. I’m hoping it will be more appealing to new readers after that. It’s amazing how things that you think shouldn’t matter can make or break you when your marketing something. It’s become apparent to me that when it comes to self publishing, writing the manuscript itself is all I’m good at. Maybe I’ll learn the other stuff along the way.

I’d really like to get my next novel finished and out to readers before the end of this year. I’m sure I could do it, but I seem to be spending much of my time still working on the completed one. I have always believed, and still do, if you write quality material, you’ll eventually be recognized by the fans of said material. The thing about any writing is, everyone’s writing is unique to them. Each writer just has to find his or her fans, then make their writing available to those fans. Sounds easy, right? And, as I have to keep reminding myself, it takes time. Sometimes a long time.

While I keep looking for new fans and making my writing available to them, I’ll keep living this magnificent life of writing, travel, and self exploration. I’m living as close to my dream life as I ever have, right now. To me, that means I’m going the right direction. If you have a dream, it will stay only a dream unless you actively pursue making it a reality.

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Sharon’s Daily Photo… Behind The Bar


Starting Thursday morning, a few of Sharon’s photos can be viewed and purchased at the Burro Street Bakery in Cloudcroft, NM. Click the photo above to see other photos in her collection.

My novel can also be purchased in paperback form here and in Kindle form here.


Hiking Into Town

My lovely wife at the start of our hike.

My lovely wife at the start of our hike.

We set out a bit after our breakfast outside at the picnic table this morning for about a 3 mile hike into Cloudcroft, NM. We have only 3 nights left at our beautiful campsite and though we are ready for new surroundings, we are a little sad to be leaving one of our favorite spots. We elected to head into town for a day of wandering around the small downtown to pass the time and maybe have some lunch. It’s actually a fairly easy hike, though in a lifetime of visiting this area I’ve never done this hike or even knew it existed before. The route starts right in the campground area off of NM130 near Cloudcroft. From there we pass through a group camping area into the Pines Campground. Most times before when we’ve been through this group area, it’s been empty. But this time it had a small group of folks setting up for what looked like a family reunion or something. I hate to see people in the area when we hike through because they rent the area out and we always get strange looks as we walk through the group site. But the trail actually goes through there and is public access.

“What are those people doing in here?” I hear a woman whisper.

“A trail goes through here, Honey.” A man answers.

At least someone in the group was aware of the trail. From there, we pass through an unlocked gate to the group area and cross NM130 to the entrance of the Pines Campground. At the back of the Pines, we nearly have to walk through another occupied campsite to get to the other trailhead. The occupants were very friendly as we walked past and through a break in the fence into the wilderness. It would be nice if some of these trailheads were marked better sometimes.

Into the wild.

Into the wild.

Then, like most of our hikes here in the Lincoln National Forest, the rain started. It was just a light sprinkle at first. Then a bit heavier, until we had to take refuge under a tree and put the cameras into the backpack for protection. I know, the pic above looks nice and sunny. That was taken about 20 minutes before the first thunder was heard and about 22 minutes before the first drop of rain. It went from about 72 degrees to low 60s almost instantly

Anyway, after going the wrong direction, finally figuring out where we were, and avoiding major mud puddles, we emerged cold and wet from what is called the Osha Trail, into Cloudcroft from the north. Of course we headed straight to Burro Street Bakery for a hot cup of coffee. We sat out on the upstairs balcony watching it rain until we headed inside for warmth and ended up discussing fulltime rv living and travel with the owner and another employee for a while.

After some nice conversation and great coffee, we headed across Burro Street to an old favorite, The Western Bar and Café, for some lunch. As usual, we enjoyed great food and great service with good prices. It really hasn’t changed as far as I can tell in the 15 plus years I’ve been going there.

The rain had stopped as we left the restaurant and wandered in and out of shops in the shopping district for a bit. Soon, we came across a wine tasting room, the only one here that I know of. If you know us or follow this blog, you already know we don’t usually pass these up. We sampled a few great New Mexico red wines, compliments of Noisy Water Winery. Our server, Norma, was a great hostess and we’ll return tomorrow in the truck to purchase of a few bottles to hold us over for a while.

After another coffee and more great conversation back at the bakery, we decided to start the walk back home while we still had daylight. Neither of us has any interest in getting caught out in the forest at night.

A nice spot for a break along the trail.

A nice spot for a break along the trail.

A view off the mountains through a break in the trees, just before entering Cloudcroft.

A view off the mountains through a break in the trees, just before entering Cloudcroft.

Here are a few parting shots of the Village of Cloudcroft.


From the balcony at The Cloudcroft Bakery

From the balcony at Burro Street Bakery


Another from the balcony.

Another from the balcony.

Burro Street, Cloudcroft, NM

Burro Street, Cloudcroft, NM

The building housing the Cloudcroft Bakery, Noisy Water Winery, and several other business.

The building housing Burro Street Bakery, Noisy Water Winery, and several other business.


Till next time… Brian