More Running…

We’ve mostly been just relaxing and enjoying our last “camping” for the summer the last week. It’s sounds funny to say that because most people think we camp all the time, since we live in our trailer full-time. But when we get to our winter RV park in Fredericksburg in a couple weeks, while we do enjoy our time there, it’s not camping. Plus, we’ll be working at the park and probably one of the local wineries part time.

On the marathon training, I did my third 3 mile run here at 9000 feet elevation this morning at a 9:17 minute per mile pace. It’s really hard to breath up here in the mountains when your exerting yourself, but I managed to shave some significant time off the first run I did when we got here. Also, Sharon is running again after taking a break for several months due to some tendinitis in her ankle. She won’t be able to run the half marathon with me in San Antonio in December though. Hopefully by next time she’ll be 100%. She is, however, going to ride in the bike tour before the marathon, so we’ll still sort of be doing it together.

Now we’re in Alamogordo, NM, just down the mountain 16 miles or so from Cloudcroft to get groceries and do laundry. Yep, we still do all that normal life type stuff too. We’ll be back up the hill in the beautiful pines and aspens in a couple hours though. I Wouldn’t trade this simple life for anything right now.



3 Miles at 9000 Feet

I went for my run this morning after coffee and a relaxing breakfast. Most of the campground here is already closed for winter season. Just the loop were in is open until mid October. So I decided to just run here in the campground through the closed loops. It’s really nice not having to worry about traffic like we usually do.

I managed a 9:48 pace for 3 miles. Not a great pace for me but I’m happy considering the 9000 foot altitude and hills here. Should be some good training for the San Antonio Rock n Roll half marathon in December. I’ll take a break for a day or two, then do another run. Though, I may not go more than 3 miles at a time till I get to lower ground!

On the writing front, I’d like to thank those who have recently purchased my novel “Indian Paintbrush by B. K. Jones” from Amazon or CreateSpace. That’s the best encouragement to keep working on my new novel. This is what will ultimately allow us to finance our traveling lifestyle and find new sources of inspiration.

Here’s to a relaxing day in the Forest.


A Nice Run On A Rainy Day

It’s been raining the last couple of days, an oddity here in west Texas. It makes for nice running weather though.

I’m preparing to run the Rock n Roll San Antonio half marathon for the 4th year in a row. The run is on December 2nd so I’m trying to get some regular runs in and increase my mileage.

It’s going pretty well so far. I ran 4 miles today at about a 9 min mile and I’ll try to go up a mile once a week or so on my long runs until I get to 12 miles or so. That’ll give me a little time to taper off and rest a little before race day.

Unfortunately, the rained delayed us leaving for the mountains of New Mexico a bit. Our trailer is parked in a spot where I have to pull through the mud to get on the street, so we decided not to risk getting our home stuck. We’ll reevaluate in the morning and hopefully be at 9000 feet near Cloudcroft, NM tomorrow afternoon.

Till then….


Finally Running Again!

I haven’t gone for a run for several months now. I have no reason other than I took a break because Sharon had to take a break due to some tendinitis. She is still not running for a bit longer just to make sure she’s had adequate time to heal.

So, it looks like I’ll be running the Rock and Roll San Antonio half marathon four the 4th year in a row. Only this time, I’ll be doing it without my wife for the 1st time. Though I’m looking forward to it and I am curious what my time will be doing it solo, it just won’t be the same. But, she has encouraged me to run it without her and she’ll do the bicycle tour before the run.

The race is in December this year, so I figured I’d better start getting prepared. I managed an 8:47 minute mile pace for 3 miles this morning. Not too bad for the first run in several months. But I know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.

In other news, Sharon’s medical issue turned out to be nothing too serious and something we’ll be able to manage easily I think. I hate that we had to come back to the Texas heat early, but something’s can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.

I’m not sure what’s in store for us for the next few weeks, but we’ll still be to Fredericksburg by the 24th of September through at least the end of next April. We’ve enjoyed the summer travels in the mountains, but it’ll be nice to be in the Texas Hill Country for a few months.

I know I haven’t posted any of Sharon’s photos for a few days. I’ll try to get back on that soon!

On the writing front, I’m thinking of a cover redesign for my novel, Indian Paintbrush. Most of my sales come from paperbacks to folks we meet in our travels. Though it’s really nice to meet readers in person and I usually hear back from them positively, I’ll never be able to sell any volume this way. I simply must have more online sales too.

I’m really hoping to get this first novel on a better track soon. It will make it so much easier to spend more time on my current novel. This marketing thing is just not enjoyable to me, though it is necessary. It’d be nice to have someone handle this part for me so I could just write books. Dream on!

There are links to my novel and Sharon’s photography on our “about” page.

Thanks for reading…


Bicycling West Texas

We’ve cut back a little on our running as of lately. Mostly because we just need to do other things for our health besides running. Too much of anything can end up being not so good. The scenery here in our current location isn’t exactly our favorite. Especially this time of year when everyday seems to windy or hot, or both. We normally try to be in higher altitudes among the trees by this time of year. But, projects here will keep us stationary for another couple of months so we might as well make the best of it.

Biking has always been enjoyable for us. Even before we started traveling and living fulltime in our RV, we frequently rode our road bikes and mountain bikes both. We haven’t done much of either since we left the campground where we hosted in Washington state last summer. Some of the reason is, like I said, the scenery. The other reason is we’re in oil field country here and the traffic is horrific. It’s not just that there is a lot of traffic. It’s that many of the drivers we see are so bad. That seems to be even more the case since this latest West Texas oil boom. Never before have we seen so many speeding vehicles and fatal accidents due to driver distractions in this area. I don’t even like to drive anywhere from here in Gail unless necessary anymore, unless its to leave the oil country. One has to wonder if all the money that comes with a boom is worth it.

Anyway, let me carefully climb back down off this giant soap box and get back to the subject at hand. There are some county roads around here that are usually pretty desolate and we can feel somewhat comfortable riding some of them without the fear of emanate death. The other problem with being in a small country town is number of loose dogs that hate bicycles… or people running… or cars… or anything that moves within 100 yards of them. That’s why I carry pepper spray. It seems every time we head out to get some exercise we must fend off some sort of attack. Well hell, I crawled back up there didn’t I?

We aired up our tires, dusted off our seats, dug out our shoes and helmets, and filled our water bottles. It was actually pretty nice out when we left for our 33 mile ride. But by the time we returned, it was getting close to 100 degrees.

My beautiful wife riding in front of me.

My beautiful wife riding in front of me.

If you don’t like mesquite scrub and cactus, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this area. But, it does have rugged beauty that’s unique to the area if you pay attention. And, we got a great workout. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the road is actually quite hilly. We’ll mostly stick to bike rides for our cardio for a while to give our bodies a much-needed break from the impact of running. For me, biking is very relaxing when I’m not concerned about being run over every couple of minutes. I think we saw a total of 4 or 5 vehicles on our 2 1/2 hour ride.

Sorry. Sharon made me include a pic of myself.

Sorry. Sharon made me include a pic of myself.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here before, but we like old stuff. Almost any kind of old stuff will do. We enjoy almost any history, antiques, ruins… whatever. We always notice old forgotten roads and bridges and remnants that many people probably don’t see. We’ve hiked on old closed highways, discovered old bridges that no longer go anywhere, and hiked many old railroad grades(these are our favorites). Sometimes, only bridge columns or less are left buried in the landscape. It’s interesting to us to stop and think back to when now old vehicles and trains traversed these long gone paths, moving along at a much slower pace than people do today. I think that’s one of the things we love so much about hiking and biking. You’re forced to travel at a slower rate than when you’re trying to just get somewhere by modern transportation. You can’t help but take in your surroundings and sometimes we’re amazed at what we see and what has been left behind so long ago. To me, these structures and remnants still have value, even if they can no longer be utilized the way they were originally intended. At least to us, there is much value in history. And so much of it can still be seen first hand all over this country.

This is what is left of an old one lane bridge on a county road in Borden County, Texas.

This is what is left of an old one lane bridge on a county road in Borden County, Texas.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with us.