A New Travel Adventure

We’ll be hitting the road again 2 weeks from today. It’s not that we don’t move our home fairly often, we just haven’t moved it more than a few hundred miles in a while. 

Heading west out of Texas, we’ll write and photograph our way across New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and up the Oregon coast into Washington. Our last time in Washington was in 2013. From there, we’ll head back east across the top of the country to Nothern Minnesota for the summer. 

Check back here often to follow us along if you’re so interested. 

I know Sharon will have new material along the way. And who knows, just maybe I’ll have my latest novel completed by summer’s end. Maybe. 



Getting Settled In Our Winter Home

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we’ve landed in Fredericksburg, TX and we’re feeling pretty at home now. We’ve worked a couple days so far here at the KOA to earn our site and utilities. We’ve mowed grass, trimmed hedges, cleaned restrooms, and picked up trash. It’s nothing glamorous but we’re not above manual labor and it’s great excercise.

It looks we’ve also got work another couple days a week next door at Rancho Ponte Vineyards. It’ll be mostly outside work and maintenance, which is what we prefer.

We should have plenty of time for working on writing and photography. We always make it a point to make time for our crafts since we believe we’ll eventually make our living from me writing novels and Sharon’s photography. I know, it’s a dream. But, we have the time and low living expenses to work toward our dream.

Just getting to live this way, traveling, writing, taking pictures, exploring, that in itself is a dream. How the hell could we possibly complain.

Just like right now, it’s Monday afternoon. Most folks are at their regular jobs. I’m sitting at Lincoln Street Wine Bar having a glass of malbec, waiting on my beautiful wife to get her highlights touched up. She’ll meet me here for drinks when she’s done. Then, we’ll have a nice dinner to celebrate our 15th anniversary before returning to our 300 square foot home on wheels.

I can’t imagine going back to our old life of work, work, and more work, to pay for a bunch of stuff we don’t need and a large home to hold all that stuff. This life isn’t for everyone, I suppose, but it’s working out beautifully for us.

A couple pics of my view at Lincoln Street Wine Bar in Fredericksburg, TX




Sharon’s Daily Photo… An Old Mine Near Silverton, CO



Back to the Cool Mountains

It looks like we’ve concluded our medical visits in Lubbock for the time being. And since we don’t have to be in Fredericksburg, TX until September the 24th, we’re going to once again escape the heat of west Texas for a couple of weeks. So, this weekend sometime we’ll hook up the house and go back to the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. It’s not a bad drive from here, besides going through the middle of oil field country.

Hopefully, I can get the new cover for my novel, Indian Paintbrush, mostly figured out and have the new version available around mid October. I’m hoping it will be more appealing to new readers after that. It’s amazing how things that you think shouldn’t matter can make or break you when your marketing something. It’s become apparent to me that when it comes to self publishing, writing the manuscript itself is all I’m good at. Maybe I’ll learn the other stuff along the way.

I’d really like to get my next novel finished and out to readers before the end of this year. I’m sure I could do it, but I seem to be spending much of my time still working on the completed one. I have always believed, and still do, if you write quality material, you’ll eventually be recognized by the fans of said material. The thing about any writing is, everyone’s writing is unique to them. Each writer just has to find his or her fans, then make their writing available to those fans. Sounds easy, right? And, as I have to keep reminding myself, it takes time. Sometimes a long time.

While I keep looking for new fans and making my writing available to them, I’ll keep living this magnificent life of writing, travel, and self exploration. I’m living as close to my dream life as I ever have, right now. To me, that means I’m going the right direction. If you have a dream, it will stay only a dream unless you actively pursue making it a reality.

Since the link feature on WordPress seems to be inoperative right now, please check out the “About Us” page of this blog. There you can learn what we’re about and find links to my novel and Sharon’s photography.


Unexpected Travel

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted our adventures and whereabouts. We’re actually back in Gail, TX. We had to head back from the cool mountains of Colorado early for medical reasons since our doc is in Lubbock. It’s nothing serious that we know of, just getting checked out and spending money so far.

Anyway, we don’t have immediate plans but we do still plan on being in Fredericksburg, TX on September 24th for the fall, winter, and early spring.

Hopefully we’ll figure it out and be back to rving soon!

I’ll try to at least post some of Sharon’s daily photos when I get time to sit in front of the computer again.

Stay tuned…


A Hike in the Santa Fe National Forest

During our stay at Black Canyon Campground last week, we managed to get in a couple of decent hikes between trips down the mountain into Santa Fe.

The first one started just outside the campground at the neighboring Hyde Memorial State Park. Though only about 5 miles total, one section of the trail had many steep switchbacks leading to the top of the mountain.

We started out on the East Circle Trail with a 1/2 mile side trip out and back on the Waterfall Trail, ending at you guessed it, a waterfall. We love those.


From there, we finished out the East Circle seeing campsites in the state park most of the way around. Then, we crossed 475 and started on the the more strenuous West Trail. This is where the switchbacks started with a 1000 ft gain in elevation. It was a great workout.

So, about 5 miles from our campsite and back to cover all 3 trails with a 1000 ft. change in elevation starting at 8400 ft.

Here are some pics from along the way I snapped with my phone. If you look closely you can see Hyde Park Road (475) winding up the mountain below us.