Ruidoso, Pie Town, and Mesa

I’m writing this entry from our beautiful boondocking spot near Sedona, AZ. We stayed in our usual site at River View RV Park in Ruidoso, NM for a few nights. This park only has a few sites available to overnight RV guests and only 1 of those we can fit into. But we can walk to the downtown shops and restaurants so that an advantage to us and worth paying for a private park. 

We usually visit Grace O’Malley’s Irish Pub while in Ruidoso but we arrived to find it our of business. So we found a new place for afternoon cocktails. 

 Tall Pines Beer and Wine Garden is our new favorite spot. It opened in the last few months and the owners have done a great job making it a very inviting. We stayed a few hours visiting and sampling. Over the next few weeks, some of Sharon’s photos will be on display and available for sale there.

From Ruidoso, we traveled on to Pie Town, NM for the next couple days. Yes, it’s really called Pie Town. We boondocked in the free city park. 

There’s really not much to say about Pie Town. We did have pie and coffee at a local cafe. We went for a hilly 3 mile run. The place really seemed pretty dead. But it was free, quiet, and we slept well.

The park roads are pretty soft sand but very manageable as long as it’s dry I would imagine. 

We weren’t sure what to make of this but it appears someone once lived here.



We took hwy 60 from Pie Town into Mesa , AZ. We parked for 2 nights at Sun Life RV Resort. It really wasn’t our style but we wanted to visit some dear friends who are workampers there. 

That catches us up so far. Next stop… Sedona. We’ll enjoy this spot for a few more days.

Till next time… Brian


All Set Up At Our Winter Home


Here’s where we’ll be parked for probably the next 6 or 7 months. We got in yesterday to a nearly empty park after about a 5 hour drive. We were all set up and feeling at home within a couple hours. Fredericksburg is one our favorite places, not just in Texas but anywhere.

As I’ve said before, we’ll be working a couple days a week to earn our spot here at the Fredericksburg, TX KOA. Though we’ve stayed here many times before, including a whole winter a couple years ago, this will be the first time we’ve workamped here. We’re also planning on working another part time job, probably over the weekends, at one of the many local wineries. This is the Texas wine country.

There is a lot to do in this area. So, check back often to see the adventures that this full-time RV living lifestyle makes possible for us.


More Running…

We’ve mostly been just relaxing and enjoying our last “camping” for the summer the last week. It’s sounds funny to say that because most people think we camp all the time, since we live in our trailer full-time. But when we get to our winter RV park in Fredericksburg in a couple weeks, while we do enjoy our time there, it’s not camping. Plus, we’ll be working at the park and probably one of the local wineries part time.

On the marathon training, I did my third 3 mile run here at 9000 feet elevation this morning at a 9:17 minute per mile pace. It’s really hard to breath up here in the mountains when your exerting yourself, but I managed to shave some significant time off the first run I did when we got here. Also, Sharon is running again after taking a break for several months due to some tendinitis in her ankle. She won’t be able to run the half marathon with me in San Antonio in December though. Hopefully by next time she’ll be 100%. She is, however, going to ride in the bike tour before the marathon, so we’ll still sort of be doing it together.

Now we’re in Alamogordo, NM, just down the mountain 16 miles or so from Cloudcroft to get groceries and do laundry. Yep, we still do all that normal life type stuff too. We’ll be back up the hill in the beautiful pines and aspens in a couple hours though. I Wouldn’t trade this simple life for anything right now.


Sharon’s Daily Photo… An Old Mine Near Silverton, CO



A Nice Run On A Rainy Day

It’s been raining the last couple of days, an oddity here in west Texas. It makes for nice running weather though.

I’m preparing to run the Rock n Roll San Antonio half marathon for the 4th year in a row. The run is on December 2nd so I’m trying to get some regular runs in and increase my mileage.

It’s going pretty well so far. I ran 4 miles today at about a 9 min mile and I’ll try to go up a mile once a week or so on my long runs until I get to 12 miles or so. That’ll give me a little time to taper off and rest a little before race day.

Unfortunately, the rained delayed us leaving for the mountains of New Mexico a bit. Our trailer is parked in a spot where I have to pull through the mud to get on the street, so we decided not to risk getting our home stuck. We’ll reevaluate in the morning and hopefully be at 9000 feet near Cloudcroft, NM tomorrow afternoon.

Till then….


Back to the Cool Mountains

It looks like we’ve concluded our medical visits in Lubbock for the time being. And since we don’t have to be in Fredericksburg, TX until September the 24th, we’re going to once again escape the heat of west Texas for a couple of weeks. So, this weekend sometime we’ll hook up the house and go back to the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. It’s not a bad drive from here, besides going through the middle of oil field country.

Hopefully, I can get the new cover for my novel, Indian Paintbrush, mostly figured out and have the new version available around mid October. I’m hoping it will be more appealing to new readers after that. It’s amazing how things that you think shouldn’t matter can make or break you when your marketing something. It’s become apparent to me that when it comes to self publishing, writing the manuscript itself is all I’m good at. Maybe I’ll learn the other stuff along the way.

I’d really like to get my next novel finished and out to readers before the end of this year. I’m sure I could do it, but I seem to be spending much of my time still working on the completed one. I have always believed, and still do, if you write quality material, you’ll eventually be recognized by the fans of said material. The thing about any writing is, everyone’s writing is unique to them. Each writer just has to find his or her fans, then make their writing available to those fans. Sounds easy, right? And, as I have to keep reminding myself, it takes time. Sometimes a long time.

While I keep looking for new fans and making my writing available to them, I’ll keep living this magnificent life of writing, travel, and self exploration. I’m living as close to my dream life as I ever have, right now. To me, that means I’m going the right direction. If you have a dream, it will stay only a dream unless you actively pursue making it a reality.

Since the link feature on WordPress seems to be inoperative right now, please check out the “About Us” page of this blog. There you can learn what we’re about and find links to my novel and Sharon’s photography.


Sharon’s Daily Photo… Riding Through The Aspens