Back to the Cool Mountains

It looks like we’ve concluded our medical visits in Lubbock for the time being. And since we don’t have to be in Fredericksburg, TX until September the 24th, we’re going to once again escape the heat of west Texas for a couple of weeks. So, this weekend sometime we’ll hook up the house and go back to the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. It’s not a bad drive from here, besides going through the middle of oil field country.

Hopefully, I can get the new cover for my novel, Indian Paintbrush, mostly figured out and have the new version available around mid October. I’m hoping it will be more appealing to new readers after that. It’s amazing how things that you think shouldn’t matter can make or break you when your marketing something. It’s become apparent to me that when it comes to self publishing, writing the manuscript itself is all I’m good at. Maybe I’ll learn the other stuff along the way.

I’d really like to get my next novel finished and out to readers before the end of this year. I’m sure I could do it, but I seem to be spending much of my time still working on the completed one. I have always believed, and still do, if you write quality material, you’ll eventually be recognized by the fans of said material. The thing about any writing is, everyone’s writing is unique to them. Each writer just has to find his or her fans, then make their writing available to those fans. Sounds easy, right? And, as I have to keep reminding myself, it takes time. Sometimes a long time.

While I keep looking for new fans and making my writing available to them, I’ll keep living this magnificent life of writing, travel, and self exploration. I’m living as close to my dream life as I ever have, right now. To me, that means I’m going the right direction. If you have a dream, it will stay only a dream unless you actively pursue making it a reality.

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Sharon’s Daily Photo… Riding Through The Aspens


Wanderlust? … Or is it something else?

I’ve been feeling slightly anxious lately for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. We’ve been parked here, with short periods (like 6 or 7 weeks), since last October. We get along fabulously with my parents, so it’s not like we haven’t enjoyed the time here with them. And we’ve completed a few long overdue projects for them that would’ve been hard for them to accomplish without us. In fact, we’re 3/4 of the way done with a project right now and are in the down hill stretch. We have a month left, as of today,  before we hit the road for the rest of the summer. So, were kind of in a race with time to finish what we’ve started. We’re a little crazy when it comes to not leaving things undone.

That hasn’t left much time for us to work on our respective crafts. I’ve always had a relaxed approach to marketing my novel and I’ve kind of had the attitude, probably mistakenly, that if I wrote quality material from my overactive imagination that it would eventually sell itself to the right people. As I’ve stated before, I’ve never expected to become a household name because of what I write. But, I do plan to scratch out at least a very modest living at some point from doing solely what I love. That’s the dream anyway, and that’s what my goal will continue to be.

I think some of my anxiety comes from the fact that after we hit the road again, I will have almost all the time I want to commit to marketing and getting my second novel done and available to my readers. I’ve got no fear of working on my already started second mystery/thriller. In fact, I can’t wait. I dream about the story at night and day-dream about it almost everyday. It plays out in my head almost uncontrollably like I’m watching a movie. To me, writing is the easy part.

What does bother me is getting my creative work in the hands of the right people. I already know what I write is not the most popular genre right now. Though it isn’t the primary purpose of this blog, it is one of my marketing tools. I don’t want anyone to waste their time or money on my writing if it’s not their cup of tea. I’m not just looking to profit. I’m looking to connect with like-minded folks who appreciate my kind of imagination. I want to make my readers think and I want to entertain them. If I can accomplish that first, the secondary purposes of writing will come.

This is all my opinion of course and scores of people will disagree with my way of thinking. That’s OK. I’ve got no problem with people having an opinion different from mine. That keeps life interesting. My problem is no matter how much I think about it, no matter how much common sense I apply, I don’t know how to make it happen. How do I get my material into the right hands. There out there… somewhere; my fans. How do I reach them. How do I tell them I’m here. I only want to provide them enjoyment. It sounds so simple doesn’t it?

So, I’ll keep searching and trying different things. I’ll keep trying the same things over again with a different slant. I’ll keep talking to people. I’ll keep writing this blog. If it takes a lifetime, I’ll enjoy the trip. But I hope it doesn’t take quite that long. I’ll continue to try to find my readers everywhere we travel. That’s what our nomadic lifestyle is partly about, finding our people and ourselves.

My book, and my subsequent books, is about life. It’s about a life I’m familiar with. I don’t mean it’s about me. I mean it’s about a way of life that I witness everyday. Though I only write fiction, my writing is about things I’ve experienced, even if only in my own imagination or watched from a distance. That’s how I know I’ll never run dry of material. My characters are real to me and hopefully they become real to my readers, even if only until the end of the book. I hope to provide an escape for my readers; an escape from whatever they need a break from. Isn’t that what fiction is about?

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