A New Travel Adventure

We’ll be hitting the road again 2 weeks from today. It’s not that we don’t move our home fairly often, we just haven’t moved it more than a few hundred miles in a while. 

Heading west out of Texas, we’ll write and photograph our way across New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and up the Oregon coast into Washington. Our last time in Washington was in 2013. From there, we’ll head back east across the top of the country to Nothern Minnesota for the summer. 

Check back here often to follow us along if you’re so interested. 

I know Sharon will have new material along the way. And who knows, just maybe I’ll have my latest novel completed by summer’s end. Maybe. 



Etsy Store for Sharon S. Jones Fine Art Photography

Sharon has just added new photos to her Etsy store recently and is always adding new images as we travel about. Great photography is a true art form and Sharon has a great eye(I may be just a little biased because she’s my wife). She has something for everyone I think. Our favorites are black and white but she takes great color shots as well.

We search out places that are off the beaten path during our travels and that is where many of the shots are taken. We sell signed prints in a variety of sizes as well as give quotes and ship “ready to hang” signed and framed pieces.

Please take a look around the store here. Her photography store can also be found by searching the Etsy stores for “SharonSJones”.

I’m Terrible at Multitasking

I hope it’s not a requirement for writers to be good at multitasking, because I suck at it. I have been working on my second thriller novel while we’re camp hosting here in New Mexico. I’m a very slow writer as it is. But, I just can’t get into a good groove for any length of time while I’m trying to pay attention to the happenings here in the campground. My wonderful wife has offered to take care of campground operations whenever I want to write but I can’t do that. We decided to do this together. 

This only strengthens my belief that we should just dive head long into our respective crafts after our current obligations end. We’ve both had recent positive interests in what we do that has led us to wildly believe that we may have a shred of talent after all! So, we’ll be focusing all our efforts on writing and photography, along with more travel, very soon. If you haven’t already done so, please check out our about us page for links to what we do. 

Goodbye till my next revelation!

B. K. Jones

Freedom to Travel, Free Time… Now What?

I’m literally living a dream come true. I travel where I want when I want. I have my first novel published and available for Kindle readers and in paperback. I’m working (however slowly… that’s how I do it) on my second thriller novel. 

Now, here’s my problem. Apparently I have zero skills when it comes to self promotion. I do sell some books but no where near the numbers I’d like. I receive mostly great feedback from my readers (yes, even the ones who aren’t family or friends). I don’t believe myself to be the next best selling author in fiction thrillers by any means. Maybe that in itself is part of the problem? But, I do believe I can carve out a very modest living at some point using my imagination and making my writing available to anyone interested. 

I keep thinking there must be something I can be doing to increase my numbers, maybe something related to my ability to travel and be almost anywhere, anytime. Writing, free time, the ability to change my location on a whim… shouldn’t that be a perfect recipe. 

I think I know what part of the problem is. It is very difficult for me to tell folks that I meet in regular conversation that I’m a novelist. It just sounds like bragging. Even though it’s true. I wonder how many people say that sort of thing and people automatically think “Oh… that’s bullshit. This poor dreamer.” Or something like that? 

Anyway, I haven’t stumbled across what works for me yet. I think it’s something unique to each author’s situation though. I would certainly be willing to share in my profits with someone who is skilled at marketing and promotion, or maybe even trade services of some kind. Strangely, I am skilled at many things, self promotion just not being one of them. 

Until I figure out how to get my work into the hands of my fans, I guess I’ll just continue to live in beautiful places, see new things, have new adventures, spend time with my wonderful wife, keep writing more novels, and keep looking for ways to distribute my work to those who would be interested. 

Even though I’m completely lost as to what to do with what I write down, I have no intention on stopping. The right path for me will slap me the face at some point. Until then, I can’t think of a way to better be lost. 


Winds of Change…

So here we are, camp hosts at the Pines Campground in the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. We left Fredericksburg, TX at the beginning of May, had a short visit at the parents place, then moved on to here arriving 2 weeks ago. 

As it turns out, Sharon had sold one of her photographs she has on display at Burro Street Bakery in Cloudcroft since we were last here. We’re very excited. Every photo she sells and every copy of a novel I sell puts us closer to making our meager living solely from the things we love doing. 

We were invited to return to the Fredericksburg KOA next fall and winter for workamping. So, we’ll head back there around the first of October. After that, we’re thinking of forgoing the workamping thing at least for next summer to get in some much needed travel time. Sitting in one spot for several months on end is not really ideal for us. 

The gig we have here in Cloudcroft is not very demanding and we should be able to spend some time on photography, and hopefully I’ll be able to at least complete the first draft of my new novel I started 2 years ago. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started it! Yes. I’m very slow. And with our seasonal jobs, we aren’t able to dedicate full time to our crafts. 

That’s why we’ve decided after our workamping commitments end next May, we plan to spend more time traveling and devote the bulk of our time to working our respective crafts. 

I realize there are many talented writers and photographers in the world more talented than me that will never achieve what we hope to achieve. But we have done what we can to live a simple and low budget existence and our requirements are low. The funny thing is we’ve never been happier as a result of that decision. That was the first phase of our dream. The next phase is to support that dream from writing and photography. Now is the time to focus our efforts there. The best way accomplish any goal is to commit all time and effort to that goal. Someone wiser than me said that. It makes sense. 

So, if you find yourself near Cloudcroft in Southeastern New Mexico this summer, stop by the Pine Campground for a visit. Also, if you’re ever traveling through West Texas on US 180 or FM 669, stop by the Coyote Country Cafe in Gail, TX. They serve great home cooking and are nice folks. I owe them for shamelessly promoting my novel and selling more paperback copies than anyone. And that’s in a town of under 200 people! 

Till next time…


Getting Settled In Our Winter Home

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we’ve landed in Fredericksburg, TX and we’re feeling pretty at home now. We’ve worked a couple days so far here at the KOA to earn our site and utilities. We’ve mowed grass, trimmed hedges, cleaned restrooms, and picked up trash. It’s nothing glamorous but we’re not above manual labor and it’s great excercise.

It looks we’ve also got work another couple days a week next door at Rancho Ponte Vineyards. It’ll be mostly outside work and maintenance, which is what we prefer.

We should have plenty of time for working on writing and photography. We always make it a point to make time for our crafts since we believe we’ll eventually make our living from me writing novels and Sharon’s photography. I know, it’s a dream. But, we have the time and low living expenses to work toward our dream.

Just getting to live this way, traveling, writing, taking pictures, exploring, that in itself is a dream. How the hell could we possibly complain.

Just like right now, it’s Monday afternoon. Most folks are at their regular jobs. I’m sitting at Lincoln Street Wine Bar having a glass of malbec, waiting on my beautiful wife to get her highlights touched up. She’ll meet me here for drinks when she’s done. Then, we’ll have a nice dinner to celebrate our 15th anniversary before returning to our 300 square foot home on wheels.

I can’t imagine going back to our old life of work, work, and more work, to pay for a bunch of stuff we don’t need and a large home to hold all that stuff. This life isn’t for everyone, I suppose, but it’s working out beautifully for us.

A couple pics of my view at Lincoln Street Wine Bar in Fredericksburg, TX