Indian Paintbrush by B. K. Jones now available in paperback.


After numerous requests, I’ve made my first novel, Indian Paintbrush, available in paperback form. If anyone is interested, it’s available for purchase here. It is also still available in Kindle form here. I sincerely thank you if you decide to check it out.

We’ve got 4 more nights here at the Fredericksburg, Texas¬†KOA and I must admit, we’re not really ready to move on. There’s a sense of community here that we’ve found nowhere else so far in our travels. But, we have other obligations and I’m sure we’ll enjoy them all in different ways. That’s what this lifestyle is about for us, enjoying different things and different places. And, it makes for much more interesting photographs and stories too. Also, we tend to enjoy ourselves a little too much and spend a little too much money here. So, we probably should limit our time here somewhat.

Even though we’re moving on Sunday, we’re only going about an hour south to Bandera, Texas. That’s the site of our next adventure at Country Accents Antiques. We’ll only be there a couple of weeks to help them out with an antique show. We’ll head back there in August and be there open-ended, depending on how we like it… and how they like us. Even though we still want to travel much more and feel like we’re just getting started, we’re kind of hoping we’ll be invited back every year at their busy times to help out. We can’t let the grass grow too long around our tires just yet! We expect to enjoy our time there though as we both love antiques and the Texas Hill Country.

After our 2 week trail period at Bandera, we’ll head back to the¬†Fredericksburg KOA for a week. We just can’t stay away from this place, can we? Sharon has volunteered to help out with “chicken shit bingo” at Luckenbach, Texas just down the road from the park here. This will be for the Thomas Michael Riley Music Fest, April 11, 12, 13. Mr. Riley will perform as well as many other artists. I guess I’ll just hang around Luckenbach, drink beer and listen to live music the whole weekend. I’ll report back on how horrible it was afterwards! Or, better yet, come on to Luckenbach yourself and suffer with us. I forgot to mention Mr. Riley is also one of our neighbors here at the Fredericksburg KOA. He’s a very talented performer and songwriter… and one hell of nice guy.

I’ll try not to wait so long before my next post this time. There’s just never much down time when we’re here and we tend to forget what we do sometimes. We have still managed to get in some regular 3 and 4 mile runs though. Got try extra hard to stay in shape around all these cocktail hours, wineries, and restaurants around here!